Tessellate - Call for applications

Tessellate - Call for applications

Tessellate is a mentorship and resource-sharing initiative of Corcadorca Theatre Company, Cork Midsummer Festival and The Everyman aimed at supporting the development of theatre practitioners in Cork city and county.  Bringing together the unique skills, positioning and experience of each of the partners, this programme will mentor, nurture, up-skill, develop, promote and present the work of participating companies. The first resource sharing programme of its kind in the country, combining the resources of three of Ireland’s foremost theatre companies, venues and festivals, the programme provides a clear and practical pathway for robust development of practice in Cork, from project concept to full presentation.

Artistic mentorship, producer training, resource sharing and platforming are key pillars of the programme. A dedicated producer, Conall Ó Riain, will be situated in The Everyman and will work with the selected companies over a period of 8 months to map and develop the company’s strategic and producing capacities and ambitions. After a work in progress showing of a piece as part of SHOW in November in the Theatre Development Centre, Pat Kiernan (Artistic Director of Corcadorca Theatre Company) will provide mentorship to each company/artist, to support the artists vision and help to realise the best work possible. The relationship will be an ongoing one, with the mentor available to meet/discuss the work throughout the process as well as a formal meeting with each company/artist every month. From April 2017, after an 8 month period of collaboration with the producer, it is envisioned that each of the companies will have acquired sufficient skills and knowledge to produce on their own, at which point they will work independently to produce and present their completed work as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. Each company will continue to be mentored artistically by Pat Kiernan until the Festival in June.

The work of the artistic mentor and producer will be supported by formal and informal mentorship by staff members from each of the partner organisations in key areas of audience development, finance/fundraising and production. Formal mentorship will take the form of monthly workshops with each of the companies. Aidan Wallace will provide production & technical mentorship to each of the companies on a monthly basis from January to April 2017, while intensive PR and digital marketing workshops and mentorship will be offered to each of the companies in March 2017. Networking will be an important part of the programme, with structured opportunities for networking offered as part of SHOW and Cork Midsummer Festival. Office space will be made available in the Everyman where participating companies/artists will have the use of a phone line, broadband and printing/photocopying facilities. Rehearsal/development space will be available for each company in the TDC.

Upon completion of the programme, it is envisioned each of the participants will have:
- Acquired the skills, confidence and drive to self-produce
- Created a strategic plan for their company
- Greater singularity and clarity in vision
- Developed relationships and contacts key to the development of their career
- Increased rigour in artistic process
- Presented work in SHOW and The Everyman/Cork Midsummer Festival (as appropriate) to a range of key influencers, promoters, programmers and audiences

​​To be considered eligible for this programme, companies/artists must:
- Have produced theatre professionally at least twice
- Be able to articulate their ambition for their work
- Demonstrate a desire to work towards self-producing
- Be based in Cork city or county
- Be actively working on one or more pieces of work, envisaged for performance within 9 months
- Nominate someone within their company to receive professional development support in producing

Interested applicants must complete the online application form in full (available by clicking here) and email CVs for all individuals involved in the company/project to tessellate.cork@gmail.com by 10am on Monday, 25th July.

For enquiries or clarification on any points, please contact Tessellate producer, Conall Ó Riain, at tessellate.cork@gmail.com.

Tessellate is an initiative of Corcadorca Theatre Company, Cork Midsummer Festival and The Everyman, funded by the Arts Council theatre resourcing-sharing support scheme.