Paul Noonan Presents: The Electric Kazoo

Paul Noonan Presents: The Electric Kazoo

TRACKS (Dublin Fringe Festival, Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, and Cork Midsummer Festival) present the premiere of Paul Noonan Presents: The Electric Kazoo.

The acclaimed front-man of Irish band Bell X1 brings his online concert series for kids out of his Good Room and to three major Irish arts festivals for the very first time. Audiences are invited to bring their best teddy and favourite grown-ups along to a mini-concert of musical favourites curated for both big and little ears.

At this world premiere music event, expect tunes made with the help of the children, treasured stories made songs, and experience all the hits from Down By The Bay to The Great Defector.

Paul Noonan developed The Electric Kazoo during lockdown at home in Dublin, supported by his children at his side and a legion of big and small fans who tuned in online from all around the world.

Dublin Fringe Festival, 13 September 2020, 11am & 3pm; book tickets here.

Dates for Baboró International Arts Festival for Children (October 2020) and Cork Midsummer Festival (June 2021) to be announced.


Callout message for children to create a song with Paul for The Electric Kazoo:

Are there any children in your life who might be excited to assist in the creation of a brand-new song with Paul Noonan that speaks to their lived experience of 2020? If so, Paul would love to hear their thoughts or poems, or see their drawings & paintings, and feature some of them in The Electric Kazoo! You can send them to

Children of Ireland!

Would you like to get together in real life and sing some songs and make some music and get silly??

As well as some songs we all know, I’d love to make some songs with you about this strange and goofy time we’re swimming in.

What did you miss most when you had to stay at home?

What’s been the best thing about lockdown?

What’s been the worst!?