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#Midsummer17 artists at Dublin Fringe Festival!

#Midsummer17 artists at Dublin Fringe Festival!

NEON Western // Conflicted Theatre & Peter Power 

NEON John is trying to get gone – an unwilling antihero in a fallen world. But what revenge do they seek and who will pay? Because everything of value costs something. Enter the Soiled Dove saloon, grab a drink, a dab and have some fun while the rest are hung. The devil plays the music that drives us wild. The preacher munches Love Doves. The sheriff maintains law, order and hedonism. The prostitute is the moral compass for the whole damn town. The rainman wants the madness to end, making him the bad guy? Only there are no good guys left... Part rave, part theatre, this highly anticipated collaboration offers you an immersive experience like no other.

Susanne R. Day's Toilers - Her lost play - as reconstructed by Painted Bird // Painted Bird

Three young women determine to remake the world. They start by reconstructing a lost play. In 1913, Susanne R. Day staged a ‘little propaganda play’ in a fundraiser for women fighting for the vote. She had been fearless before, in her arguments, her commitments and her politics. She believed women should participate in all the big decisions and meant to prove it with her life. One hundred years later, three young women discover the stakes are just as high for them. Fringe Award-winners Painted Bird reconstruct the text of Day’s lost play, imagining what might have been.

SLSD // No Kissin' Ensemble

There will never be another night like this. A city on the rise. Taken over by a party. And at the heart of it? SLSD, the underground rave where people find their voice, their sound and their home. Cork’s No Kissin’ Ensemble are letting Dublin in on the secrets of a movement from the true capital. Feel the bass shake your body, feel everything and nothing, from pure ecstasy-filled love to brain-melting sickness. Spoken word, movement and an original house music score combine in an unforgettable depiction of how it feels to rave.