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Call out for participants - Complicite at Cork Midsummer Festival 2017!

Call out for participants - Complicite at Cork Midsummer Festival 2017!


If you could ask your mother one question about her life, what would it be?
What is the most important thing a mother can pass on to her daughter?

UPDATE - Now open to daughters aged 13 and over!

Complicite Creative Learning will present their participatory theatre project, Like Mother, Like Daughter, at this year's Cork Midsummer Festival, running 16 - 25 June 2017. We are looking for daughters and their mothers aged 13+ of different backgrounds, faiths and nationalities who are interested in creating and performing in it.

We are hoping to talk to a whole range of people about their experience of the world: about their lives, their religion, their experiences, and about growing up as-and bringing up-daughters. These stories will then be woven into a performance starring the mothers and daughters themselves, but you do not need to be an actor to take part. We are interested in meeting people from all walks of life, particularly those born outside Ireland. To view a trailer for Like Mother, Like Daughter, click here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, and how to participate, please contact us at

Internationally renowned theatre company Complicite, now in its 34th year, has not only won critical acclaim, but has broadened the concept of theatre in ways that have touched thousands of people around the globe.

…the most influential and consistently interesting theatre company working in Britain.’ The Times

This project is supported by Cork City Council Arts Office, in association with NASC.